My practice focuses on my relationship to home and it's intersection with time and labor. My art making process is often time consuming and laborious. I use this to make visible the invisible-our time and labor. My work is introspective and has an eye that rests on small details. This eye has a longing for comfort and intimacy, a determination to feel at home in spite of uncertainty.

The materiality of paper speaks to this precarity. In the video piece “Same Dish, Different Day” I deconstructed a set of rubber gloves, made a pattern, screen printed this pattern on paper, then sewed them together. I shot video of myself washing dishes with paper gloves. During the performance of washing the dishes the ink ran, the gloves got wet and tore apart. 

I use mark making to reference memory. My drawing tools are often objects themselves. In “A Trace of Home” I crocheted a granny square then used it as a stamp by dipping it in watercolor and allowing the yarn to absorb the pigment. The trace left becomes a ‘memory’. I am interested in the way that transferring an image changes it, and how that change becomes a metaphor for the way we collect and restructure memories. 

Time and labor or inextricable. The labor movement has used spring as a symbol for solidarity. I use the language of spring, the cycle of renewal, as a message of hope that we may find value in our time beyond productivity.